About digitallydrafted.com

I, the proprietor, have over 22 years experience in the graphic design, signage, and promotional products industries (& a bunch of other boring stuff). While effectively retired from those positions, my days are focused on helping folks as well as working with a fantastic local web design & marketing firm. These extra weeks of spring break afforded us the time for me to teach my child about design, production, web design (that's why the site is kind of simple), and running a business. So here we are having some fun while learning and shining a light in an otherwise dark and tense situation.

All items are produced in Mississippi.

The Cart is powered by PayPal, so you can purchase with confidence. You don't have to have, or even create, a paypal account - you can use any card at checkout. The receipts and card statements will show 'Digitally Drafted Design Development' (or some slight variation thereof, sometimes statement lines shorten it to *digitallydrafted)

Want to purchase a vector art file to cut on your own equipment?
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